poniedziałek, 11 maja 2015

Super healthy cake

This cake didn't work for me before but I knew I have to try it again. The reason - it's so delicious and good for you! There is no added sugar in it and still it is amazingly sweet. The secret- four bananas! As simple as that! It also contains coconut flour and coconut oil, four eggs, baking powder, cinnamon and raw cocoa. Voila- super easy too!
 What if we could completely stop using sugar?! If I didn't need it here and yet managed to bake this delicious cake that must lead to some other discoveries!
 I'll challenge myself to experiment more in this direction. Because the outcome could be equally tasty!

czwartek, 7 maja 2015

London (with a) Baby

We had a fantastic long weekend - mostly because of the lovely people we spent it with but also because of the place. We were lucky to travel to England and visit London and our family. It's only an hour away by plane from Dublin, but even such a short flight is a bit of a chalange with a one year old. Once you are well organised and have tons of patience packer nothing can come into your way. More about flying with a baby some other time.
 One of the highlights of our UK trip was a visit at Godstone animal farm in the outskirts of London.
This place has an amazing variety of animals. From pigs, rabbits and chickens you can also see spiders, lams and snakes. There is also a vast play area with picnic tables. This is heaven for any young child but also for a parent. We absolutely loved it and would love to come back at some stage.
 On the other hand London itself is not the most child friendly place on Earth. Busy streets, underground stairs, tiny trains. At the same time it is not impossible to move a round, but definitely hard if you are on your own with a child in a buggy. We stuck to parks and  less popular streets. I'm sure we will come back with an older child to discover different museum and other attractions which are especially designed for kids.