wtorek, 24 lutego 2015

Surviving winter

Dark early evenings are almost gone but the freezing weather still holds strongly. 
While I'm stopping to dream about spring and summer, I'm doing my best to survive and even more - enjoy winter season. 
Here are my favourites things to do in winter ( not including here any snow or ice related sports. The country I'm leaving in doesn't get much snow)
- warm breakfast 
Oh I love porridge with almond milk and cinnamon. But recently I got hooked on milet groats with coconut milk, pomegranate and maple syrup. It's like best party in my mouth. Also I started warming up brown flakes with almond milk and coconut. Delicious!
- warm smoothies
My favourite is warm almond milk with banana, two dates, walnuts and cinnamon 
- evening Netflix sessions 
We are finishing Homeland on our projector screen. Brilliant view and no ads at all!

wtorek, 17 lutego 2015

The V day weekend

We never cared to much about Valentines but it would be risky if one of us forget about it. Simple flowers are enough to mark the occasion and this year I got lovely no fuss bouquet of red roses. Love them! We also decided to give each other a book and cook for each other. Mine was the desert and I created it according to my own recipe. The challenge was that there has to be no added sugar as we are both trying to give it up. The result was amazing I must say and we felt great after it. I made a blueberry tower. The layers are made of paste of raisins with dates, ground almond, bit of corn flour and a tbs of row cocoa powder. I baked them for 10 mins. On the top there is Greek yoghurt with almond flakes and it's all garnished with some grated hazelnuts in Orange juice. Delicious! 
Other then this we were tiding up the house. Very romantic.

niedziela, 8 lutego 2015

It's a getting better weekend

Last week was really tough for all of us. Our nanny got sick and poor baby Plum had to be taken out of her rutine and transported to her granny so she could be minded in her house. The temperature dropped down again and we all got sick. Runny noses, blocked noses and chesty cough. Not fun for an adult and definitely nothing pleasant for a little girl. When I start sneezing I always reach for a natural remedy. I am strong believer that nature can cure us from anything. It's also been well documented in many books but where I got that from was my own mother and grandmothers advices.
So here is what I was drinking all day yesterday and previous evening. I feel great now. I know it's easy to buy lemsip, fervex or any other over the counter quick chemical fix-me-ups. But they actually cause more bad side effect and all the chemicals stay long in your body. 
Than why not trust old Mother Nature?
This quick hot drink is easy, accessible and delicious. I put a slice of lemon, slice of ginger and a tablespoon of honey into a cup and pour hot water in it, voila! 

Na katar i przeziebienie zawsze najpierw siegam po naturalne sposoby radzenia sobie z nimi. Pyszny napar z cytryny i imbiru z odrobina miodu jest moim sprawdzonym przepisem na cieknacy nos i pierwsze symptomy choroby. Tym razem po raz kolejny mnie nie zawiodl!

czwartek, 5 lutego 2015

Winter mornings

It is so cold at the moment, middle of winter here. I'm looking for delicious views and tastes and flavours to wake me up and make the process a bit less harsh for me. So far I love:
- my orchid flower blossoming 
- hot water with lemon - I love lemon flavour
- warm soya milk with my bran flakes and bit of coco
- winter sky
Co tu zrobic by zimowe poranki byly lzejsze. Oto moje pick me up!