sobota, 25 października 2014

Our Anniversary

Time flies and we just reached our third wedding anniversary! We always try to celebrate it - we give each other gifts and treat ourselves. This time I felt we need something special- just for us and something different. For that reason I booked us a trip to adventure park... We both like being outdoor and spending free time in an active way, but this was way out of our comfort zones. The park was really spectacular with platform set high on the tree trunks. And we now know how the squirrels feel jumping down the trees! It was so much fun and my husband really enjoyed it! It was a surprise for him and I was a bit worried he might not like it, but he loved it! Must admit- it was a good dose of adrenaline rush and it was scary for me! Funny enough I learned how much true it is that all is in our heads - the less I worried about the hights the more scary it seemed! But hey - I did it all and still can't believe it! Afterwards we went to a lovely and cosy restaurant in a mountains and ate delicious food! Overall - big success!

poniedziałek, 20 października 2014

Busy life

Things got really busy recently. Juggling work and baby and marriage and new house and art passion and friendships and blogging isn't as easy as I thought...Don't know how other fabulous bloggers do their super pretty and clever post almost every day! Well at the same time maybe they don't have all the elements in their equation or maybe I am trying to find excuses! 
Anyways we had lovely weekend away at family wedding. Also went to lovely flee market in the seaside town village and picked up some vintage finds for the house. Still thinking about the gourgeous chest of drawers I spotted and the market. Decision to be made soon!

środa, 1 października 2014

Getting Back in Shape

Pregnancy changes our body. Fact. Some could be lucky and not gain much weight but most of us will put on extra weight. Firstly it is better to prevent it by not overeating or believing that our growing featus would love a brownie for dessert every day. Secondly keep active throughout the pregnancy. I was obsessed with yoga and did it even four times a week. It was worth every second!
Now I'm going back to it - tomorrow is first class! Yay!