czwartek, 18 grudnia 2014

Moms trip away

I am just back from my first trip away on my own without a baby. And the good news is that I survived! My little Plum probably even didn't notice I was gone for four days. This wasn't as easy for me though as I thought it will be when I was planning it. However I learned that all is in our head and that babies don't need us as much as we think they do, provided they have all other family members looking after them well. My husband pass the test exceptionally well but I have never doubted that. It was me who couldn't stop looking at little children simililar age as mine. Nonetheless the trip was very successful - I went to Paris with my mom, it was her Christmas present this year! Once you became a mother yourself you start appreciate your own even more. Love you mom!

wtorek, 16 grudnia 2014

Seasonal decor

Such a nice time of year is coming and it is high time to decorate the house with some seasonal pretty things.
So far I got to hung the wreath on the door. I bought just the green part and decorated it myself with little bows and bubbles. The pre made green leaves came from B&Q and my ribbons from my craft box. First time having a house door to decorate - very exciting I must say!

poniedziałek, 8 grudnia 2014

Exotic and local

Our latest food inspiration comes simply from the ingredients we are getting in the organic basket delivered from a farm. So we have to work backwards which is so much fun. I could really not believe that those exotic looking roots could have grown in the country. The vegetable I'm talking about is a Jerusalem artichoke and we made a delicious soup out of it this weekend. And it was easy to make too! 

niedziela, 7 grudnia 2014

Baby gourmand

We have just past 11 months and baby Plum is only couple of weeks shy from her 1st Birthday! Can't believe that really.
But here is an update on babies food consumption. I know parents ( well mothers) who are worried about there babies not eating enough. We don't have that problem - she definitely eats a lot as we can see from her nappies and overall happiness. She's also putting on weight well. What helped me to be more relaxed is definitely the only one book I read about babies - Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett. Absolutely amazing and I definitely recommend it to any new mom who is lookining for some reassurance and guidance on the healthiest way to introduce solids to their little ones.
At this stage here is example of a lunch from last Saturday. For a starter - grated carrots with orange juice and a drop of oil of olive dressing. Main meal - wholemeal pasta and courgette with baby sweet corns and Brussels sprouts done with butter and garlic. Desert - mandarins. She enjoyed it hugely and ate most of it. Contarary to my level of enjoyment while cleaning up after her... She's so worth it though.

środa, 3 grudnia 2014

poniedziałek, 1 grudnia 2014

Organic food basket

We decided to place an order with a country side, local enough farm. Just to test it and see if we like the service. But What we got definitely passed my expectations! We received this lovely whicker basket fool of goodies! Everything looked just beautiful and super fresh! The best part of it was ... the surprise element! We had no idea what some vegetables are! And believe me- I am a vegetarian and I know my stuff. This time tough I had no clue. We were joking that one doesn't need to go to exotic parts of the world like Asia to taste something we don't even know what is called!
Luckily the lovely people tell you what you got and also provide receipies! 
One I didn't know for example was Jerusalem artichokes! It made lovely soup.