niedziela, 22 listopada 2015

Courgette vegan fritters

This delicious new recipe has been recently tested by me. I knew it will be vegan one and for some reason I didn't want to believe in it. I had eggs ready at hand to add to the mixture but I decided to wait and see if the original recipe will work. And it did! The dough was very sticky and there was no need to add anything else. What it consist of is grated courgette, flour, sun dried tomatoes, lemon peel, capers and fresh parsley if you have it. Salt and pepper to taste. Couple of minutes on the frying pan and voila - ready! They taste so light and are full of flavour - gentle hint of lemon makes them irresistible. Will be making them again very soon!

piątek, 20 listopada 2015

Best use of parsnip

My new culinary discovery this week was delicious parsnip and pear soup. So easy and so tasty! Also quite different - would make a perfect starter for a dinner party. What is needed is just parsnips, pears, vegetable bouillon and almond flakes to garnish. Step one is to peel all to roots and cut in small pieces. Once that's done cook them slowly in the pot with olive oil for about 10 minutes. Sprinkle with fresh or dry thyme. Then add peeled pear and let them cook for another 5 minutes and pour the bouillon and let it simmer for 15 minutes once parsnip is soft. After that is just blending, seasoning and serving! Voila! 

czwartek, 19 listopada 2015

Back in love with Brussels Sprouts

I can honestly say I love all vegetables but one - brussels sprouts. I can still eat them but they definitely won't be on my top 10 list. I tried couple of times to cook them in a new innovative way, but without much luck. It's just the bitterness that dominates their flavor is bothering me and I can't get rid of it.
Recently it happened that a box from a friendly farmer ended up in our kitchen, full of fresh, seasonal vegetables straight from the farm. Among carrots, cabbage and parsnips here it was - two branches of green and beautiful brussels sprouts. I don't like wasting anything in my household so I knew I have to find a new way of preparing them. Researching through my cooking books I found something that was easy enough and didn't require any special ingredients - it was brussels sprouts winter soup - perfect timing! Thanks Jadlonomia! Within next 40 minutes I had absolutely delicious meal ready for dinner and I loved it! So far the best recipe I found for using up little cabbages. I've thrown in parsnip, carrot and apple and some organic bulgur and voila!