czwartek, 19 listopada 2015

Back in love with Brussels Sprouts

I can honestly say I love all vegetables but one - brussels sprouts. I can still eat them but they definitely won't be on my top 10 list. I tried couple of times to cook them in a new innovative way, but without much luck. It's just the bitterness that dominates their flavor is bothering me and I can't get rid of it.
Recently it happened that a box from a friendly farmer ended up in our kitchen, full of fresh, seasonal vegetables straight from the farm. Among carrots, cabbage and parsnips here it was - two branches of green and beautiful brussels sprouts. I don't like wasting anything in my household so I knew I have to find a new way of preparing them. Researching through my cooking books I found something that was easy enough and didn't require any special ingredients - it was brussels sprouts winter soup - perfect timing! Thanks Jadlonomia! Within next 40 minutes I had absolutely delicious meal ready for dinner and I loved it! So far the best recipe I found for using up little cabbages. I've thrown in parsnip, carrot and apple and some organic bulgur and voila!

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