niedziela, 8 lutego 2015

It's a getting better weekend

Last week was really tough for all of us. Our nanny got sick and poor baby Plum had to be taken out of her rutine and transported to her granny so she could be minded in her house. The temperature dropped down again and we all got sick. Runny noses, blocked noses and chesty cough. Not fun for an adult and definitely nothing pleasant for a little girl. When I start sneezing I always reach for a natural remedy. I am strong believer that nature can cure us from anything. It's also been well documented in many books but where I got that from was my own mother and grandmothers advices.
So here is what I was drinking all day yesterday and previous evening. I feel great now. I know it's easy to buy lemsip, fervex or any other over the counter quick chemical fix-me-ups. But they actually cause more bad side effect and all the chemicals stay long in your body. 
Than why not trust old Mother Nature?
This quick hot drink is easy, accessible and delicious. I put a slice of lemon, slice of ginger and a tablespoon of honey into a cup and pour hot water in it, voila! 

Na katar i przeziebienie zawsze najpierw siegam po naturalne sposoby radzenia sobie z nimi. Pyszny napar z cytryny i imbiru z odrobina miodu jest moim sprawdzonym przepisem na cieknacy nos i pierwsze symptomy choroby. Tym razem po raz kolejny mnie nie zawiodl!

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