sobota, 13 lutego 2016

Mums weekend away!

Recently I was lucky to go away for a weekend to Madrid with my friend. She is also a mother and this was our weekend away without our kids! For me it was only second time I have left my child to go on a trip. Even if the idea seemed a bit scary at first I must say we both survived! Had a great time over there and what's the most important I was looking forward to seeing my baby and my hubby so so much. It definitely made me appreciate them even more. We sometimes take it for granted and it was nice to remind myself again how lucky I am to have my little family!
 We mostly walked around shopping discrict visiting little butiques and bigger department stores without pressure of doing typical touristy things - it was great and relaxing! My new experiences include:
- trying churros 
- eating some local dishes ( cold soup)
- using a bus in Madrid!
It was great fun!

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