wtorek, 30 września 2014

Clean eating?

So is my food dirty? What's the whole fuss about clean eating recently? Magazines are full of stories of people who turned into new way of eating (life) and Instagram is full of clean food pretty snaps. Eat clean! Really?!
In brief it's all about avoiding toxic stuff. Sounds like a wise thing to do but many of us including me, forget what they are. Here we go - plain white sugar ( letal), salt ( white death), saturated fats, coffeine and alcohol to name the main ones. The challenge is that they're pretty much in everything- well except alcohol of course. But the results of giving them up are tempting. Long time ago I was doing detox breaks but that hasn't happen for a while now. At this stage of my life I know that moderation is key in everything really.
So my new strategy is 80/20 - I am good at the week days and more indulgent at the weekends. Here's our shopping from organic market we go to every Saturday now.

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