wtorek, 30 września 2014

Fashion challenge

Back to work means back to office wear! Luckily my company dress code is quite relaxed but still it's a big change from post maternity leave clothes!
Another challenge - the budget and new body. Again I'm quite lucky and I almost naturally went back to my pre pregnancy size but I would generally try to eat healthy and I did go to the gym for a while. So my new aim is now to mix and match my wordrobe content. Ouch! This might be tough to resist new purchases but I will try to stick to it!
Quick analysis - today I'm wearing ... All things old except new boots and new rain jacket. But both items bought couple of months ago are classic and good quality - my new rain jacket is from Benetton, graphite in colour and has a slight rubbery texture - perfect for Irish rainy weather. Boots are sued camel on Cuban heal - something that has been around for ages now and are super comfy! I hope this justifies my spends!

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