wtorek, 16 czerwca 2015

Summer is here

Finally we got some better weather which is still very relative compared to other countries or even my native Poland. But we can't complain. Strong heat was never my thing so I'm happy with the weather the way it is in Ireland.
We could finally sit outside in our garden and enjoy the sun! Bliss!
Here's a list of other summer pleasures.
Strawberries. The flavour, taste oh my this is my favourite fruit ever. The seasonality and anticipation I'm sure amplifies my love but still nothing can't beat it to me.
Watermelons. So delicious that I could never resist a slice when I see them around. Love them chilled on a hot day. Also must try watermelon pizza recipe I saw somewhere online! Feta, balsamic vinegar and some fresh basil leaves- so simple!
Roses and other flowers. The joy of looking at and smelling flowers is unbeatable. I love going to roses gardens and smelling different colours of roses. I know it's a subtle type of fun and maybe sounds weird but I just can't stop myself doing it!
Prosecco. Or a glass of chilled white wine on a hot summer day with a delicious brunch. Heaven!
Picnics. Love eating outdoor and as close to nature as possible- on a blanket with some gorgeous food at hand and fantastic views.
Cycling. For me it's a summer activity only and very relaxing. Love going on a leisurely trip along the sea side. Bliss!

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