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Birthdays Season

End of June is a very busy season for us - 5 family members have birthday around that time including myself. 
I love celebrating and entertaining and don't think I'll ever grow out of this. 
Firstly the search for perfect presents begins, secondly - card making. As I am very determined to make my own cards, this takes time. I love crafting but don't have as much time to do it as I wished. The only way, as a full time working mother, is to become more organised and focused. But this is a completely different subject.
My newly discovered passion for cooking was fully indulged while preparing birthday lunch for my husband. We had a small family gathering and were lucky to enjoy rare summer weather and eat alfresco. Here is what we served:
- courgette, mint and feta salad ( delicious)
- green salad with tomatoes and herbs
- vegetable quiche
- prosecco for aperitif 
- mojito cheesecake ( sugar free)
Children ate the same as adults except for the drink and desert. 
The biggest excitement came with the cheesecake - it was frozen and super healthy. Luckily super delicious too!

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