środa, 29 lipca 2015

Easy delicious dinners

To have an idea what to cook every night as a busy working mother is sometimes a bit of a chalange for me. Therefore I came up with idea to build up a list of fail safe favourites which tick all those three most important criteria when eating well:
They need to be:
- delicious
- don't require special ingredients
- quick to make
So far my favourites are: 
Veggie pasta
Veggie tortilla

All the above are well tested except recent discovery which is gratin.
So easy to make and you can throw in any veggies you have left over from the week.
Ratatouille is the one that takes a bit longer to cook, but huge advantage here is that it cooks itself - meaning after the hard work of chopping all your ingredients you just throw it in the pot and leave it on a small heat and let the magic happen. That's my favourite summer/ autumn dish! But we are loving them all!

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