wtorek, 18 sierpnia 2015

Review of holiday packing tips

Surfing through the web in order to find some help on packing I found this wonderful blog A Pair and A Spare. The author has many posts on how to pack light and I've read all of them. Mixing her advice, tips for other places and my own experience - I'd packed, went on holidays and came back. Now it's time for some feedback and review. 
Firstly - destination: I was away for over two weeks, in a big city but knowing I might be going more relaxed places like countryside. Weather: very hot summer time, it turned out it was even warmer than expected.  
So I decided to follow the 5,4,3,2,1 rule which allows you to take 5 tops( including jacket), 4 bottoms, 3 dresses and 3 pairs of shoes, 2 handbags and 2 accessories - sunglasses and a straw hat in my case, 1 watch. What was super helpful was lying all the clothes and accessories on the floor and making sure I have a colour theme. This also allowed me to see different outfit combinations. Definitely something I will do again.
 However I know I've packed too many shoes - I could have lived in maybe two of them. 
Another feedback - there were two items I haven't worn at all - jeans jacket ( it was too hot for it) and a black top ( I had another one in black). 
Going forward I will definitely follow the rule but edit final picks even more to make sure I don't bring items I'm not going to wear. Can't wait to next holidays . Luckily another trip is still ahead of me in couple of weeks - destination Andalusia!

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