czwartek, 5 marca 2015

A month without sugar

...was surprisingly sweet! 
I always knew sugar is bad for you, but we all know it - don't we? I was blissfully ignoring that fact for way too long. Following my uncontrollable binging on sweet things during the festive season the time has come to say stop. I've noticed increased cravings for sweets and realised its just a downward spiral. Also constant tiredness, mood swings and problems with focusing started to become alarming. And the last straw - clothes became suddenly way too tight.
Can't remember the exact day when I stopped eating refined sugar but that doesn't bother me. I know it's not for ever - life is too short to deny yourself creme brûlée (my favourite dessert) from time to time. But at the moment I am using nature's transition from winter to spring as a perfect moment to get rid of old bad habits and to recalibrate.
 First step for me was to cut out sweets. As my cravings for them were quite strong I had to find a replacement. I allowed myself to eat fruits and dried fruits too - but in moderation. I threw in nuts in the mix as well. It wasn't easy but it worked. After more than four weeks I feel cured of my bad habits. I know my taste changed too. I tried banana bread ( wanted to be polite) at a social occasion and it was shockingly sweet to me, way too sweet. 
But what I love most about it is the fact that I got more creative with my desserts. I have made delicious almond, dates and raw cocoa balls and they are just amazingly delicious. As my taste changed any fruit now is a huge treat. 
My clothes started fitting me better too.

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