czwartek, 2 kwietnia 2015

Day trip with a baby

We went away to Belfast to visit the Titanic museum. While the experience was amazing, the same cannot be said for the staff in the museums that was serving us. It was a lunch time for all of us and we went to the museum's little bistro to eat something. 
One of the great advantages of Baby Led  Weaning is the fact that your baby can eat whatever you eat providing its a healthy, nutritional meal with reduced salt. We have ordered a big salad and a burger ( for daddy only). Unfortunately all the pieces of food were landing on the floor. Not even underneath the high chair but in a wide radiance too! Normally we would pick up all the bigger pieces from the floor when we leaving as we don't like to leave a mess behind but this time we were really surprised by the reaction of the café's staff. They couldn't be nicer about the whole situation! We were told to not to worry about the mess and enjoy ourselves! They said it couple of times too! We ended up giving H our packed lunch from home and there was no problem with heating it up either. We appreciated it so much!
At the same time it's always good to apologise for the mess and extra work someone will have to do.
Hopefully this will not last for ever and throwing our food will end. This will be noted for sure!

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