wtorek, 28 kwietnia 2015

Why I love flea markets

This Sunday we went to a flea market. I haven't been there in ages and that explains why I was so surprised. It has grown massively since my last visit and I was positively surprised. Even more - I was super excited to see this vibrant gathering of vintage sellers and happy buyers or lookers. It was also a nice sunny day which made it even more delicious to be there. Whole families were there and I was happy to see many 'modern' dads having their babies attached to there bodies in babie carriers. Such a great new movement! I think they now this makes them look cool.
I simply love browsing and poking at flea markets. I love finding original, different and sometimes funny items. I love talking to the sellers, asking them about the history of the items and simply having a nice chat. That's a part of the package I'd say. Flea markets are perfect for home decor - plenty of pictures, sculptures, paintings, plates, furnitures, accessories. That would be my first aim - to pick up something for the house. Then I love looking at vintage clothes too.
So this time I came back with this figurine. It's not small or light. This animal weights a tone but I love this shiny creature! 

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