wtorek, 14 kwietnia 2015


When should a baby start walking? Or crawling? Or smiling? All those developmental stages are very individual but if you start reading books which gives you timeframes it's quite easy to get too concerned if your child is not there yet. Especially for a first time moms. I know a friend who rushed to a doctor to have her baby checked out and see if she's ok despite not turning on her back at a certain age. That little girl is absolutely perfect and chasing butterflies no problem.
Our little Plum has just turned 15 months and not walking yet. While other kids younger than she is already running around. But I know she has time. Child suppose to make attempts to walk between 10 and 18 months - that is the official version of a experienced Public Health Nurse who is looking after us. And I am sticking with that advice.
Over last couple of weeks our girl made huge progress - she can climb sofa and chairs. Two days ago she had a go on this wooden trolly which is now her favourite toy. She is very close to making her first steps on her own. Still she has to get more stable while standing on her own.

But this could be it! She is almost there. And we are delighted! No rush my little girl!

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