czwartek, 22 stycznia 2015

Big organic shopping

I bought loads of organic goodies to try out. One of my presents for Christmas was this amazing cooking book with vegan receipies, beautifully published called Jadlonomia. It's by a Polish author and was released in Poland only. For now I'd say as its flying of the shelves. Inspired by the book I got some products I have never tried before like tempeh. I'm not even entirely sure what it is. I tried out first recipe last night and it came out quite delicious! 
I have also made almond milk myself. Surprisingly easy. I'm very excited to try out more!

Zainspirowana ksiazka Jadlonomia kupilam pare produktow, ktore do tej pity byly mi nie znane. Zrobilam tez sama migdalowe mleko. Pysznosci! Wkrotce wyprobuje wiecej przepisow, nie moge sie juz doczekac.

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