wtorek, 6 stycznia 2015

Christmas break

Coming back much heavier but not necessarily happier. Christmas this year were very special as for the first time spent with our daughter and also first one in our new house. Wow that was an amazing year for me!
What I did differently:
I have managed to avoid pre Xmas shopping madness and I'm so happy because of it! 
Cooked more - baked some ginger cookies and made a traditional Polish sweet dish.
Drank more wine - last year I was pregnant so I couldn't drink at all. I made up for all that time.
Didn't buy special gift for my hubby - instead we decided to join our financial forces and got a projector for the house. We love it!
Watched more not-Christmassy movies - it is so good to be in control and decide what you want to watch. Thanks to our new projector and the Living Room cinema screenings.
Decorated our Christmas tree - it was my first one ever in my life to decorate on our own. 
Saw pre chrimast Paris - it was beautiful!
Looking forward to the next ones already.

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