środa, 21 stycznia 2015

New Year New Me

That statement doesn't really apply to me. Long time ago I stopped setting New Years resolutions. What it really is - the natural need for a change in my body and mind after that lazy and indulgent festive season. I can feel that I still pay high price for all that chocolate eaten.
So my plan is to... Get back into shape! Ha! I'm sure I'm not the only one. But here is what I'm doing.
I've signed up to my Yoga Centre and I love it! I've got unlimited pass and I try to test different classes to see which one I will like and suit me in terms of time. As I'm working full time and nursing my baby I have to plan well my activities.
I've stopped eating sugar. Well, I'm trying! Sugar is absolutely the worst offender for all of us! I'm not going to list all the terrible effects it has on us. But if you don't know me yet I can tell you I'm not a fan of strict diets or counting calories. I've tested it all long time ago and learned that live is all about moderation. Therefore you have to still enjoy it and that's my main goal.
Here are my ways of replacing sugary snacks. Healthy and delicious!
Almonds - amazing source of minerals and vitamins, taste great and are easy to carry.
Dried figs - simply delicious
Dried dates - yummy snack if you fancy something really sweet
Raisins - sweet and good for you. I sometimes get this yogurt coated, just as an extra treat and good for the transition period.
Nuts - super healthy snack and delicious
Dried mangos - watch the ingredients though to ensure it doesn't have much chemicals used for drying it.
I hope I will stick to them and stay away from pastries and chocolate!

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