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My view on toys

Even before I had a baby I had a clear view on what I would like my baby's nursary to look like. This included toys. There is so much rubbish sold and available for kids in the shops. For as long as I can I would like to avoid:
- plastic toys
- electric toys
- branded toys
We all heared about the fact that even the most fancy toy with music playing is sometimes less attractive than a simple wooden block. All the above is on the black list for the following reasons. I love natural materials like wood or natural fabric, simple toys leave more to imagination and that's the one that should freely develop and be stimulated but not replaced. I want the toys to be environmentally friendly too, something that looks good for long and can be passed through generations or kept as a keepsake. And the last one is - I just hate branded toys, most cases that are just ugly and only a marketing tool to stuff the pockets of already fat big merchandise companies, I hate how they play on children's feelings and create more ' wants' pressures. I also want the toys to be safe- of course, made of the tested materials that are proven to be safe for babies. This is example of Sofie the giraffe. Such a simple, beautiful and useful toy. My only exception could be for Lego blocks as they are simply brilliant.
Below are photos of couple of toys I really love and my baby too. Some of them she got for Christmas and birthday and some of them are bought by us.
The fairy doll is a souvenir from Paris. I absolutely love her, it's extremely pretty and well made- such a great room decoration item too! It isn't yet appreciate much by my little one but I hope it will be soon.

Zanim urodzila sie nasza Sliweczka, wiedzialam jak chce by jej pokoj wygladal. Oraz jej zabawki. Osobiscie nie lubie zabawek plastikowych, elektrycznych oraz z duzym logo. Chce aby jej zabawki byly wykonane z naturalnych materialow, bezpiecznych i ekologicznych. Wyjatek moze byc dla Lego, ktore jest po prostu genialne!
Kilka przykladow na zdjeciach ponizej. Lalka jest zabawka przywieziona z wycieczki do Paryza przed swietami. Wspaniala do dekoracji pokoju, gdyz do zabawy jeszcze sie nie nadaje dla naszego maluszka. Mam nadzieje, ze wkrotce bedzie doceniona.

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