wtorek, 27 stycznia 2015

Yoga challenge

I'm back practising yoga again! Finally I had no choice really as my Christmas indulgence went a bit overboard. I just had to do it! So I'm delighted to exercise again and trying out different classes. For me it's not really exercising which has a slightly negative connotation. To me yoga is simply delicious pleasure!
The begining was hard, but three weeks on I feel a little bit fitter and definitely more calm inside. I tried the following classes: hot yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga, mindful yoga and yoga- pilates. My favourite are vinyasa and yoga-pilates. Genius!

Also trying out new green juices. So far I hate them, maybe using wrong recepies. But nothing that is both delicious and healthy will not get my aproval.

Wreszcie udalo mi sie wrocic do jogi! Wyprobowuje rozne zajecia, jak narazie moje ulubione to vinyasa i joga- pilates. Sama przyjemnosc!
Po trzech tygodniach juz odczuwam pozytywne zmiany. Ach jakie to cudowne uczucie, wiedzac, ze cos dziala!

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