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Super delicious balls (and sugar & gluten free)

Struggling a bit during my transition period of quitting refined sugar, last Saturday I whipped these beauties up! Not only beautiful outside but also inside. No added sugar and gluten free too - if you into that. Simply delicious and deliciously simple. Genious.
Rasin & dates balls:
You need:
- raisins (handful)
- 3 dates
- ground almond ( about 5 tbs)
- ground hazelnuts (4 tbs)
- zest of half lemon
- one ts of vanilla extract
- two tbs of organic raw cocoa
Soak the raisins and dates in hot water for at least 15 minutes. Then remove the water ( keep it just in case it gets to thick) and mix all the ingredients in a blander for 4 minutes or until smooth. Form little balls and roll them in raw cocoa, hazelnuts or desicated coconut. Makes around 12 little balls. Enjoy!
Super delicious and healthy! 

Chcecie odciac sie od cukru i slodyczy na dobre ale jednoczesnie nie tracac na jakosci zycia? Oto rozwiazanie idealne - pyszne kulki rodzynkowo orzechowe.
Ukrecilam je probujac zastapic czyms moje niezdrowe slodkosci. Nie wroce do nich juz nigdy!

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